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National eAuthentication is a national initiative designed to address the current wave of document falsification, forgery and theft by deviant individuals. The absence of a credible attestation platform has compelled governments at various levels in Nigeria, employers of labour, institutions of higher learning, embassies, banks and other financial institutions, foreign investors, etc to expend huge resources, apply time-consuming and rigorous measures to verify certificates and documents presented by applicants to secure employment or admission to institutions of higher learning; to support visa or bank loan applications; to procure favours, honours, position or titles.

Powering a system where the true identity of every individual, document and product is revealed on our Platform.

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The way we verify identity has evolved: it was passports and paper, then electronic data. Now, as technology accelerates, it's going digital. Our multi-factor authentication security solutions make the digital world a safer place to be.

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    Taking bold actions to protect
    Nigerians in today’s digital world.

    By means of a multi-stakeholder strategic partnership approach
    and through the application of modern information technology tools,
    we are working with our strategic partners to permanently stamp out
    the menace of forgery and falsification with a view to ensuring that
    documents or products from Nigeria are truly what they claim to be and
    ownership is authentic.

    Driving Trust, Convenience, and Innovation in eAuthentication