Enterprises and individuals should pay attention to this. In response to this year’s trend of cyberattacks, here are four major forecasts.

Predictions 1: Internet attacks aimed at squeezing money will continue to rise. Attacks will continue to be dominated by encrypted ransomware, intrusion extortion, distributed service interruption blackouts, and system intrusion. As more and more cybercriminals provide “one-stop” “rental” services, law-breakers who are unfamiliar with the technology can also use it to fuel the trend.

Predictive 2: Although the applications of Internet-enabled devices at different levels are becoming more widespread, the security awareness of users is generally weak and the equipment protection is not well done. For example, changing the preset password, updating regularly, installing firewalls and anti-virus software, etc. Create more opportunities for hackers to make more “Internet of Things” devices an accomplice to large-scale cyber attacks through security breaches and back-door intrusion of devices.

Forecast 3: With the prevalence of mobile payment services, a large amount of sensitive data will be exposed in the online world during the transaction. If the program does not use enough communications to encrypt the security measures, it will attract more network attacks targeting mobile payment applications.

Predictions IV: After last year’s NotPetya and Bad Rabbit crypto-ransomware attacks, it is expected that more hackers are expected to intrude software-vendor software update mechanisms and popular legitimate websites to embed malicious code to bypass the enterprise And site visitors defense.