Who we are


National eAuthentication Limited (NeA) emerged under a backdrop of readiness to pursue a period of transformational change in Nigeria. The Federal Government of Nigeria was concerned about the country's preparedness to deal with issues of privacy and data security on entering the digital age.

During that time, NeA’s founder, Dr. Felix Babatunde Obada, PhD, FloD, FIBA, FInst PS, FMMI, took steps to put a Digital Technology Team of notable IT industry players and Financial Institutions together to enlist the support of the Government for the implementation of eGovernment solutions as a National Initiative.

Members of the team were:

  • Dr. Olu Agunloye, a co-founder
  • Dr (Mrs) C.A.O. Ibru – MD/CEO, Oceanic Bank
  • Ms Faith T. Matthews – ED, Standard Trust Bank
  • Raji Rasaki – Regional Manager, Wema Bank
  • Segun Sopitan – Regional Manager, Oceanic Bank
  • Mrs Florence Seriki (deceased) – CEO, Omaket Computers
  • Wole Ajisebutu – CEO, 21st Century Technologies
  • Harold Anumihe – Orade Corporation, Nigeria
  • Emmanuel Ekuwen – CEO, Telecom

On 18 October 2004, the team had the honor of attending a meeting chaired by the then President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR.

On the day Dr. Olu Agunloye handled the government interface and also made the presentation on behalf of the team; while Dr. Felix Babatunde Obada supplied the required kernel for the eGovernance solutions on offer.

Dr Obada was well placed to speak on eGovernance having just successfully pioneered the entrance of Nigeria into the space and digital age with the successful launch of the Nigeria-Sat1, a remote sensing satellite, delivered into the Lower Earth Orbit (LEO), in September 2003 with a Russian Decommissioned Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), procured for a peaceful purpose.

On the day the President Obasanjo demanded and secured the cast iron commitment of the Digital Technology Team members to make privacy and data security issues a matter of national priority.

Convinced about the seriousness and passion of the team, the Federal Government took up the challenge and delivered a three-day national workshop at the Banquet hall of the State House. The workshop was attended by top government officials, who were charged to commence the implementation of eGovernment at all levels and arms of governance.  Attendees were also informed that solutions must be such as to trigger the actualization of other spin-offs that create transparency and accountability; without breaching the data security and privacy of individuals. This was a momentous day for Nigeria, as it signified the arrival of Nigeria’s digital age.

The result of the above collaborations was the birth of National eGovernment Strategies Limited (NeGst), parent company of National eAuthentication Limited (NeA).


NeGSt was established in 2004 and derives its mandate from the law via the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA). NITDA is a public service institution established by NITDA Act 2007 (NITDA 2007).  NITDA is the ICT policy implementing arm of the Federal Ministry of Communication of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  Consequently, under Section 6, (6a) – 6(f) and 6(j) of the NITDA Act 2007, NeGSt has, the authority to:

  • Develop models, programmes and projects for implementation of eGovernment Services.
  • Develop and maintain the National eGovernment Platform for integration, shared and common services for Ministries, Departmentals and Agencies (MDAs) of Governments and the general public.
  • Develop benchmarks, standards, guidelines and frameworks for interoperability of all forms of eGovernment applications by and for MDAs.
  • Develop and implement Capacity Building for MDAs and eGovernment stakeholders in respect of basic IT skills, eReadiness and eGovernment projects and collaborate with local and international organizations to promote global best practice.

It has followed, that NeGst has established a sustainable partnership over the years with the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS). It has helped build a world-class eGovernment Platform for the issuing of Nigerian Passports and eVisas globally. To date NeGst continues to consult for  NIS on an ongoing basis by providing advice to ensure that the end to end process continues to meet a world class standard.


In line with the above mandate and know-how of NeGst,  Dr Felix Obada, PhD  remained an active participant and a frontline advocate of data security and privacy in Nigeria and established National eAuthentication Limited (NeA).

Our Mission is to ensure that individuals, documents and products in Nigeria are truly what they claim to be.  To collaborate with strategic partners to use the application of modern technology tools, to assist Nigeria in combating identity theft, fraud, forgery and falsification. To move Nigeria one step further in its quest to obtain financial inclusion for all of its citizens.

Core Values   


  1. Authenticity
  2. Diligence
  3. Dynamic
  4. Utmost Efficiency
  5. Perseverance


We are who we say we are; we are authentic people with integrity. We do the right thing and do what we say we will do.


We consciously care about what we do, and take pride in a job well done.


We are constantly evolving; we assess, respond positively and progress.

Utmost Efficiency

We value time, resources and effort, as such we are proactive in identifying ways to optimize productivity and avoid waste.


We are not deterred by difficulty, delay or obstacles, we find a way.

Core Services

In line with its mission, NeA has partnered with the Federal Government of Nigeria’s National Identity Management Commission (NIMC).

The NIMC Act 2007 conferred powers on NIMC, the Licensor to become the authority a and regulator of identity management in Nigeria. For example, capture of personal data, including biometrics, into the National Identity Database (NIDB), the utilization of the customized National Identity Management System (NIMS) and enrolment software solution, to generate the unique National Identification Number (NIN)

NIMC has subsequently granted NeA a licence to carry out the enrolment of Nigerians in the Diaspora into the National Identity Database to be issued with a NIN.

In the first quarter of 2019 NeA successfully launched its NIN enrolment operations on London’s fleet street at its global Partner Online Integrated Services’ (OIS) offices.

Nigerians in the UK Diaspora will be able to book an appointment to enrol for a NIN via nea.com.ng.

The London launch was just the first in a series, as NeA will be providing NIN enrolment services all over the globe.


Nigerian Diaspora

Our Vision

To power a system where the true identity of every individual, document and product is revealed on our Platform and through our services.

Our Mission

To ensure that individuals, documents and products in Nigeria are truly what they claim to be.  To collaborate with strategic partners to use  the application of modern technology tools, to assist Nigeria in combating identity theft, fraud, forgery and falsification.

Our Motivation

Confidence in a future Nigeria where individuals, documents and products  are truly what they claim to be wherever they are in the world.