Tips to help you…

  • PAYMENT PROBLEMS: Are you having problems when attempting to pay for your NIN?

  • Please ensure that the payment card you’re attempting to use to pay for your NIN appointment is registered with your bank for online transactions.

  • If you experience problems trying to pay online with your card, you may wish to consider contacting your bank to register your payment card for online transactions made on websites.

  • Your ‘Transaction ID Slip’ is not the same as your ‘NIN Slip’.
  • If you have  pre-enroled online  print a copy of your ‘Pre-Enrolment Slip’ showing Barcode and bring it with you to the Data Capture Enrolment Centre.
  • Also print your online ‘Payment Slip/Appointment’ and bring it with you.
  • Also bring original copies of your supporting documents with you.
  • It is advised that individuals with additional requirements that need the help of a third party to complete the process are accompanied by a trusted friend or family member that can assist them on the day with form filling or translation.
  • Children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. At least one of the parents or legal guardians must have a NIN.