The information in this privacy policy informs you about the use of your information when you visit our website

In the course of using our services National eAuthentication Limited’s and its official partner or partners may need to act as a data processor to Nigerian Government in the form of the National Identity Management Committee (NIMC) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, (the data controller).

Personal information we collected for the provision of our services will most likely include your gender, date of birth, name, email addresses, correspondence address and telephone number at a minimum.

We, or our partners may also need to collect additional information that you supply on our website such as your company’s name and address, your position in the company, and the company’s telephone number.

Please note that information that may be collected from you is for the purposes of processing your application.

For the purpose of NIN registration services in the UK our partner is governed by GDPR.

By providing us with your information on our website and through our partners centres, you will be considered to have read and accepted this privacy policy. You also consent to our partner using your information and passing on your personal data for the provision of the services you seek to receive.

This Privacy and Data Protection Policy should be read in conjunction with any applicable Terms & Conditions for the provision of the service.

Information on our website may need to be amended from time to time and is therefore subject to change.


When you submit your personal data (excluding credit card information); you are consenting us treating it (excluding credit card information).

Be aware that web servers can automatically collect information about a click/visit to a website; this includes Internet Protocol (IP) addresses which they can automatically log. Your IP address is the unique numbers assigned to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to any device used to access the Internet.

Even though, alone an IP address does not identify an individual, in certain circumstances, it could be used to identify an individual using the site. As such, we treat and consider an IP address as personal information. In particular, this is done when your IP address is combined with other data automatically collected when visitor requests a web page such as the page or pages visited, date and time of the visit.

We do not collect personal information about you when you visit our site unless you gave the information to us.

When you submit personally identifiable information through our website, you are giving your permission to us to use the information for the stated purpose in order to provide our services.

If you choose to provide us with your personal information on our website, for example by, completing a web form or sending us an email, we may use that information to provide our service, or communicate information that you are seeking. We may also use it to correspond with you. The information that we may receive from you can change depending on what you do when visiting our site.

We or our partners may automatically collect and store the name of the domain from which you access the Internet (.com, .edu, etc.); the date and time you access our site; and the Internet address of the website (such as a search engine or referring page) from which you reached our site. We may use the information we collect to count the number of visitors to the different pages on our site and to help us make our site more useful to applicants & visitors like you.

Purpose of Collection

The main purpose of us or our partner collecting, storing or sharing the information is:

  1. Appointment booking and processing for the enrolment of individuals to receive a National Identification Number in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and under the mandate of the National Identity Management Committee, (NIMC)
  2. To takes steps to avoid and deter mischievous intent, illegal use and hacking through any means and to address potential security issues. However, third parties may unlawfully obtain or/and access transmissions or private communications in such instances National eAuthentication Limited shall not be liable.
  3. To develop, monitor and improve our services and website and user experience.

Application Processing

All the information may be shared with the National Identity Management Committee (NIMC) as well as law enforcement agencies required under the applicable laws.  This includes all information provided by the Applicant, and identifiable by the passport number, portal, server, I.P address etc., which is traceable in relation to this website or in relation thereto, such as IP address, E-mail address, contact detail information and other information like transactional information of Applicants’ online usage, IP address, log-on information and standard web log information etc.

Due to the nature of the service, Applicants will be asked to provide personal information including name, address, date of birth, telephone number, email ID and passports information or any other identity document information used to support their application. This non- exhaustive list, is subject to change.

We or our partners may need to take additional steps check and verify the validity of information provided.

However, we are not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the Applicant/User.

It is the duty of the Applicant/User to ensure that the information provided is accurate and true.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Applicant’s personal information may need to be disclosed if required by law or to comply with a court order, on-going judicial proceedings, other legal process. or to defend against legal claims, criminal investigations, judicial matters, national security or prevention, investigation, detection, prosecution of criminal activities.

Third Party Websites and Applications

Via our website you may be redirected via links or buttons to social networking and third party websites. We use Social media to engage with customers and potential customers. For example, we may redirect you to the NIMC or our partner’s website for the purposes of the application process or to review additional information.

When you follow a link to another site, you are no longer on our site and are subject to the privacy policy of the new site.

We may also use web analytics web to better understand and measure traffic on our website. However, we do not use third party websites to solicit and collect personal information.

We do not collect or store any personal information collected by any third party website,

We do not and will not sell or transfer personal information unless required for law enforcement purposes or by statute.


Our Partner uses closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera in its Data Capture Enrolment Centers. This is to meet comply with NIMC requirements.

Our Commitment to Data Security and Privacy Protection

In line with the above, Data security and a scrupulous attention to matters of privacy is of paramount importance to the activities of National eAuthentication Ltd (NeA).

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) issued the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation 2019 in January. It applies to all transactions intended for the processing of personal data to any natural person residing in Nigeria or residing outside Nigeria who are citizens of the country.

In compliance with the provisions of this regulation, our organization has developed robust security measures necessary to minimize security risks. The measures we have in place include:

  • Setting up firewalls to protect our systems from hackers
  • Transmitting personal data safely and securely through a customized private network provided by NIMC our Licensor and with access only to specific authorized Individuals.
  • Connecting directly to the data encryption technologies provided by National Identity Commission (NIMC) our Licensor.
  • Attending thematic training program on organizational policies and procedural guidelines for the acquisition, handling and electronically transferring personal data to the backend of NIMC, our Licensor.
  • Protecting our emailing and payment gateways and continuous capacity building on data security and privacy policy for our staff.

Your data and biometrics will be safely and securely acquired and electronically transmitted to NIMC barring; unforeseeable hazards and breaches, including identity theft, cyber-attack, viral attack, dissemination, manipulation, damage by fire, rain or exposure to any inclement weather conditions that could not be reasonably or practically mitigated.

Clients who present their original documents for the acquisition of NIN are mandatorily required to retrieve them from the registration official without fail immediately the registration process is satisfactorily completed.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us via the email address listed under the contact section on our homepage.