The product authentication solution proposed is based on a technology that enables commodities, artefacts or such other products be verified and authenticated using Micro Database Less Encapsulation – MDLE. In essence, the item is marked with a 2D barcode that encapsulates a database record from the production database.

Two important and unique characteristics distinguish this solution namely:

  • Every barcode generated is unique and carry all the data (content code)
  • The database is not made available online, it is part of the production process

The only online component of the solution is the decryption server and the only data stored on the decryption server are the keys.
The data held in the MDLE bar codes is encrypted using Pure Human Randomisation (PHR) which results in the data being encrypted in a manner that traditional decryption techniques are not able to decrypt it.
The solution can be adapted and deployed to provide a customized solution to combat corruption and fraud. Depending on the article being protected – a box of tablets, a gem stone, etc – the solution can be designed and deployed to provide the appropriate business solution.

Each time such an MDLE bar code is scanned, the decryption server records significant data about the scanning event that can be used for further processing and deeper insight into the nature of the scanning event. Such additional data may include date, time, location, IMEI number of the scanning device, etc.

The nature of the solution is such that it is not an off-the-shelf one. Each project therefore requires some degree of software development. In the main, this will be a custom software module that is written to interpret the encrypted data contained in the MDLE barcode as well as any software that needs to be developed to integrate the solution to other applications to meet the business requirements of the solution.